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Dharavandhoo: Into the ocean with mantarays

Swimming with manta rays in their natural environment is a truly aweinspiring experience. You can tell you’re witnessing something incredible as these massive, gentle creatures glide effortlessly below you. Those who’ve experienced it say they had a feeling of connection, amazement and clarity that stayed with them long after leaving Maldives. There are few places in the world...
From $1849 for 10 nights All Inclusive

Thoddoo: Rest, Relax, Repeat

Thoddoo Island is one of the most picturesque islands in all of Maldives.  It’s long stretches of crystal blue waters, endless palm trees & white sand make it the perfect local island for an exciting trip to Maldives. It is widely regarded as the ‘Agricultural Island of Maldives & is most famous for its watermelons. It...
From $1319 for 10 nights All Inclusive

Fulidhoo: Explore Maldives like a local!

Our Fulidhoo Adventure surely is a dream vacation package. It’s our most popular package and includes swimming with sharks, dolphins and turtles, snorkeling along coral reefs and tropical fish, outstanding local cuisine, a traditional Maldivian “Boduberu” dance night, a day at a luxury resort with lunch/dinner, a fishing trip, a shipwreck exploration, an excursion to...
From $1349 for 10 nights All Inclusive

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From $119 per night All Inclusive
From $109 per night All Inclusive

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We are team of local youth, closely working with selected hospitality partners in the Maldives.

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